Thursday, January 14, 2010

A(nother) New Year’s Aspiration/Dream…

Along with the dream of designing paper, I would love to create some stamps...or images that could somehow be used in card making and crafting.

Some designs I created a few months ago using (mostly) the 'free form line' in auto shapes in MS Word’s “Draw” feature.

I had to “build” each outfit.  So...if I want to use the black dress with green strips, I have to cut and paste the lines individually.  Or, to pull the outfit with the red top, jacket (as well as the belt buckles and pockets, etc). I have to piece it all together. 

I found out too late (after I had already created these designs) that Paint would probably work better.

I have used a few of these and some of my other drawings/outfits on cards for family and friends and would now like to try and create some in Paint.

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