Friday, January 8, 2010

Making no New Year’s Resolutions…

Instead...I’m jotting down some dreams and aspirations for this new and exciting decade (i.e. see previous post).

(Who am I kidding…isn’t it all one and the same?!)

I’m in a new place as we begin this New Year…literally and figuratively.

We moved cross country this past summer so my husband could take up a new job…his dream job.

We left behind friends and family and moved to a place where we know…no one.

But it’s all been fine and good and I’m amazed how much I’m enjoying my new life…even though there have been times when I’ve been so incredibly lonely.

But it’s been a time of reflection: Where have I been…and where am I going…with/in my life.

It’s also afforded an opportunity to “reinvent” myself…of sorts.

I’m going back to school…

I’m putting my “crafts” out there…something I’ve not really (comfortably) done before, because back where I come from everyone knew “me” before they knew of my crafts.

Know what I mean?

Here…I meet people because I “craft.”

And because it’s a small town, new friends and acquaintances see me as I put forth my craft (at fairs or at shops) and so they see my craft as being a part of who I am, right off the bat…

And not as an after-effect as in…”Oh…you craft…Yada…Yada…Yada.”

Am I making any sense?

That’s okay…as long as it makes sense to me.

Who knew moving to a new place could be so…




I certainly didn’t!

Happy New Year to you as you find/start your own new adventures…

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